“Element of letter” Softskill 1 Bahasa inggris bisnis 1


Greeting is easy or difficult, especially when dealing with different customs. Often titles for men and women are different, and sometimes we do not know the gender of the person being addressed. Family name on a custom written sometimes in front, and on the other customs, in the back. Honorary degrees may vary based on status and age. So no need to feel guilty if trouble choosing words greetings because it’s a complicated issue.

In the Indonesian language, you can use the common greeting in written communication such as the “Bapak / Ibu Yth.”, “You”, “Dear Sirs”, etc.. As mentioned above, be careful if you want to say hello to the “Bapak / Ibu” because you might just guess the gender of a name is only listed in the email. Greetings “Ibu” is safer than “Mrs.” or “Ms.” unless you already know the status of the person. Use the greeting word “you” (let alone “me” or “you”) if you have known and know the status of the person concerned.

The salutation helps to establish the tone of the correspondence.

The salutation appears two spaces beneath the inside address and usually begins with the conventional greeting Dear followed by the title and name of the addressee. No punctuation follows the salutation in open punctuation style. In standard punctuation style, a colon (formal letters) or comma (informal letters) follows the salutation.

When the addressee’s name is unknown, several options are available:

Ladies and Gentlemen: (or the reverse)		Ladies: (all women)

Dear Sir or Madam: (or the reverse)		Gentlemen: (all men)

Dear Friends:					Dear Colleagues: 

If you want to refer to a group of people, you can use “Dear” unifying attribute. For example:

         Dear Project Managers:

         Designation. The Project Manager:

         Dear San Jose Lasers Fans:

         Designation. Supporters PERSIB:

Sexist salutations, e.g., Dear Sirs, Gentlemen, etc., are not used.

When none of the non-gender alternatives seems appropriate, a simplified letter format (omitting the salutation) may be used. Another solution is to omit the gender title, e.g., Dear Chris Smith.


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