Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Contoh kalimat menggunakan Adjective :

  1. Vina is an pharmacist who is accurate in mixing the drugs.
  2. Are you adequate to meet the challenge?
  3. He’s afraid to start.
  4. Nisa was afraid of the dark.
  5. I wonder why he became angry about everything.
  6. Never have I been angry with you.
  7. The woman is anxious with her son health condition.
  8. The students are aware of Indonesia’s economic condition.
  9. I’m desirous of solving my problem as soon as possible.
  10. Some people are difficult to step out of the comfort zone.

Cat : Tulisan yang di Bold adalah adjective prhase

Contoh kalimat menggunakan Subject, Verb, Complement & Modifier

  1. George is cooking dinner tonight
  2. We eat lunch in this restaurant today
  3. Paul, William, and Mary were watching  television a few minutes ago
  4. She  opened her book
  5. Harry is washing  dishes right now
  6. She opened her book
  7. It was raining at seven o’clock this morning
  8.  Pat should have bought gasoline yesterday
  9. I making juice carrot yesterday
  10. Mama take a leave 2 days ago

Contoh kalimat countable

  1. I’ve got some dollars.
  2. Have you got any pens?
  3. I’ve got a few dollars.
  4. I haven’t got many pens.
  5. is there any question?

Notes : Sentences in Bold is Countable word

Contoh kalimat uncountable

  1. I like coffee.
  2. My hair is blonde.
  3. I haven’t got time.
  4. I always have sugar in my tea
  5. I need salt now

Notes : Sentences in Bold is Uncountable word


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