Jenis Pronoun dan Contoh Kalimatnya

Macam-macam Pronoun :

1.  Subject Pronoun

2.  Cont Pronoun

3.  Adjective Pronoun

4.  Possesive Pronoun

5.  Reflexive Pronoun


Contoh Kalimat Pronoun

1.    Subject Pronoun

·      I have a book

·      You are sensitive

·      She have a dog

·      He sing a song

·      They play football

·      It Could be dangeraous when explode

2.    Cont Pronoun

·      Give me a reason

·      You are sophisticated

·      Her eyes is a beautiful

·      Please don’t tell him

·      That stuff belong to them

·      It hard to be perfect playing computer for long time, make us dizzy

3.    Adjective Pronoun

·      That is my book

·      Your phone is ringing

·      Her dress look beautiful

·      His mind is going somewhere, but his body is in here

·      Their going to beach on vacation

·      Its amazing, when get “A” in test water is good for our body

4.    Possesive Pronoun

·      That is book of mine

·      This pencil is yours

·      This phone is hers

·      His songs very popular

·      This house is theirs

·      The apartment in Mangga dua is ours

5.    Reflexive Pronoun

·      I do this homework by myself

·      I work hard for yourself

·      She sing for herself

·      David is amusing himself with guitar

·      That cake made for themselves

·      That cat can open the door by itself

·      We built the house ourselves


~ oleh rockyeah pada April 8, 2013.

Satu Tanggapan to “Jenis Pronoun dan Contoh Kalimatnya”

  1. Terima kasih ulasan mengenai Subject Pronoun ini, karena sangat bagus dan membantu sekali

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